New ‘Encounter the Unexpected’ exhibition features underwater images from the UK Coastline

A new exhibition at The Atkinson in Southport has opened that features our underwater photography. This new area is dedicated to exploring the coastline of the local area both above and below the water and features an environmental message about plastic pollution too.

The images of Basking Sharks, Grey Seals, crabs, nudibranchs and blennies adorn the walls on the second floor, along with some beautiful wall art of marine life and projection about the dune-lined coast of this area.

Along with the new exhibition, local wildlife charities are doing workshops with school children about the sea, marine life and the environmental impact of plastic pollution. We are also excited to have been invited to speak about the underwater world early in 2018 at The Atkinson.

Take a look at and to find out more.

This article was originally published by Scubaverse