Dreams come true in The Bahamas

We have tried on several occasions to dive with the majestic Tiger Shark, in various locations around the world, but weather conditions and the unpredictability of wildlife have meant that each of our previous four attempts had failed. So, when we discovered that we would be returning to The Bahamas, we made sure that another trip to Tiger Beach was on the itinerary. It was to be right at the beginning of our trip, and to say that we were excited was a massive understatement! Would this be the trip that finally saw our Tiger Shark dream come true?

Tiger Beach is a 2 to 3 hour boat ride out of the West End of Grand Bahama. We got up very early and met up with the dive crew from Reef Oasis and loaded our gear into a minibus to get us to the far end of the island where the charter boat was waiting for us. We had prepped our camera equipment the night before and so, as we headed towards this famous dive site, anticipation built. On arrival, at Tiger Beach we were the only boat in sight, and the crew started to chum the water to attract the sharks. Reef and Lemon Sharks appeared within minutes, but we were not getting in the water until we had a Tiger Shark there with us. After only 10 minutes, it was on and we were getting into our gear as quickly as possible so as not to miss this incredible opportunity.

We slid into the warm, crystal-clear water, and descended down the line to our positions. Our guide, Michael Tadros, was already in place, with two big Tiger Sharks in attendance, interested in the bait box at his feet. It was a glorious moment for us, our dream finally made reality, as a 4m long Shark cruised right in front of us.

A huge thank you for The Bahamas Tourist Office & Reef Oasis Dive Club for making our dream come true!

Images, video & text by Frogfish Photography

This article was originally published by Scubaverse