No Fear Diving: A PADI Specialty Course

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– Jon Milnes

Have you ever heard about a PADI specialty course named No Fear Diving?

What does No Fear and Diving have to do with each other, I wondered.

So I did some research.

This subject draws a lot of attention all sorts of diving forums. I found out the No Fear diving course is controversial and many diver’s out there share their opinions and thoughts on these forums.

What is No Fear Diving

Oliver Radosav, an Ergo-therapist and PADI specialty dive instructor, developed this specialty course. He explains the idea of No Fear diving.

He says that what makes this dive course different compared to other dive courses is the “client centered” structure of the course. The PADI No Fear Diving Distinctive Specialty Course is a customized scuba diving course in that the dive clients decide which personal matter will be the topic in their course.

During this course a diver can find out, under close professional supervision, where their personal anxiety and concerns comes from, what they are about, and how to cope with this.

The course creates an opportunity to speak about problems, alleviate doubts, and eliminate stress. As a result of this, it reduces discomfort, anxiety, and fear.

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A student will feel more relaxed about themselves after the course – Credit: No Fear Diving

Participants will learn about individual stressors and they will be confronted with them in an adequate, secure, personal but professional manner.

He’s not saying divers are supposed to be without fear when diving. It’s more about analyzing and facing individual stressors and problems connected to the water, scuba diving and to yourself. With No Fear Diving participants can learn how to anticipate and deal with individual problems.

What does it do?

The course helps divers develop the much needed knowledge, skills, and sensible techniques that strengthen self-confidence in order to dive in a comfortable, safe, and relaxed way.

Once you make the unknown known, your fear less and your self-confidence grows. Your personal comfort zone will also greatly increase.

The course can also be an opportunity for people who desire discovering the freedom of the underwater world for the first time. No Fear Diving can be taken along with an Open Water Course.

PADI specialty course student after a dive

A PADI student after a dive – Credit: No Fear Diving

Elements of the course

The No Fear diving course is set up to be taught in a one on one private setting or in a small group setting with a maximum or six people.

No Fear Diving is made up of six different parts. These include gaining theoretical knowledge about fears and panic on personal issues.

The dive instructor will go through with you all of your concerns and identify your personal stressors. You will learn how to deal with and act accordingly to the course’s theories including using practical exercises during your dives.

Here’s more about a students experiences with the No Fear Course

There are pool and open water training sessions used in this course, which are personally suited to your needs. The No Fear diving course’s goal is to work on your concerns. And unlike most other courses offered out there, this course will not follow fixed course guidelines. The client-centered concept of the No Fear Diving course makes it a scuba diving course to fit your needs and concerns.

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