The Final Touch: Post Production of UW Images (Part 5: Fixing Color Casts)

A color cast is a tint of a particular color, usually unwanted, which affects the whole photographic image evenly.Even though white balance settings or adjustments are still the “golden key no. 1” in fighting color casts, in some cases, a finer adjustment is necessary in post production, especially when the scene/subject in our image is lit by two different light sources (e.g. strobe-light and sunlight, as they have different KELVIN values).This tutorial refers to Adobe Photoshop CS6 but works with CS 3,4 & 5 as well.Let’s start with a shot I made during one of my UW Photography workshops in the Red Sea. I’ve adjusted the white balance and a few exposure corrections in Adobe Camera RAW and have now opened it in Photoshop CS6 for (regarding colors) a “final touch”:Even after adjusting the white balance in Adobe Camera Raw, I still sense a few problems, caused by color casts.We can’t judge an image without examining it and when it comes to post production, we should take very close looks. I divided the image into a few “zones”, just to visualize where to look:1: The water looks OK, but the soft corals to the right don’t- lots of green and cyan.

This article was originally published by Dive Advisor