Diving in Norway – The Land of Stunning Fjords, Cold Water & Giant Crabs

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A country of incredible natural beauty, diving in Norway is something to add to your list of things to do here on your vacation.Norway diving offers a wide variety of diving options that include thrilling drift dives, wrecks and diving with killer whales. Water temperatures are cool and vary between 15 degrees in summer in some areas, to freezing in winter.

A dry suit is recommended.

S/S Dølen

Diving in Norway doesn’t get much better and varied than in Møre. The warm gulf stream here ensures a rich biodiversity, and divers get to enjoy dive sites such as kelp forests, drop-offs, drift dives, canyons and diving with seals and killer whales. Kristiansund is the main town in the Møre area to fly to.

The Lofoten islands are known for their tremendous natural beauty. Even underwater the natural marvels continue. The crystal clear water around the Lofoten islands is home to an abundance of fish life, kelp forests, and exciting wreck dives.

The islands are also popular for whale watching and special dive trips are organized in killer whale season in January and February. Around this time, the largest gathering of killer whales in the world takes place in the North West of Norway due to the high density of herrings. Bodø airport offers several daily flights to different airports in the Lofoten islands like Leknes airport.

King crabs mating

Diving the Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest tidal currents, is easily one of the most spectacular drift dives on the planet. Besides the thrill of diving these currents, the oxygen rich fresh water is home to a wide range of fish, plants and creatures. The Saltstraumen are easy to reach by car, train, bus, boat or plane, situated only 30km from the town of Bodø.

There is some excellent wreck diving in Norway. Both Narvik and Sørlandet offer the opportunity to dive some interesting wrecks from the Second World War, including English, German and Norwegian ships, and even a fighter plane. There is a good train connection to Narvik from Stockholm, and Kristiansand in Sørlandet has excellent connections to all mayor Scandinavian airports, as well as connections by train and bus.

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